Get into the game

Posted on: January 28, 2012

This winter, Sparty is defeating Grumpy Snowmen in a new video game created by MSU students and faculty of the Games for Entertainment and Learning Laboratory. The new Grumpy Snowmen video game, complete with MSU animated scenery, is the perfect cure for the winter doldrums for all Spartans (and family and friends). I encourage you to play it by clicking on the image below.

The game showcases the skills of our faculty members and students in the video game specialization,ranked No. 5 nationwide and the best in the Midwest.

I'd like to especially thank faculty member Brian Winn for supervising and producing this project, and the student team who devoted a large number of hours to this project. 

Design Team:
William Jeffery
Brian Winn

Art Team:
Kristina Cunningham
Eric Musser

Programming Team:
Jon Moore
Daniel Sosnowski

We hope you take the time to play our new game, share it with friends on Facebook and give us your feedback. Email me your score and comments to" target="_self" title="Pamela Whitten email" class="external">

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