Fun in Brain Games (Fall 2010)

braingamesDate: Fall 2010

Authors: PI: Carrie Heeter, Co-PIs: Apar Maniar, Brian Winn, and Yu-Hao Lee

Brain games have emerged as a new segment of games within serious games, over the last few years there is some research being done as to whether they are effective. This project aims to analyze current brain games from a game design perspective to find out whether they are good games.

Content analysis research was conducted and presented at the 2009 Serious Games Summitt and Games for Health conferences. The research involved analyzing games from the four different brain domains of Attention, Visual Spatial, Memory and Language processing by characterizing them for the different forms of fun, and whether individual elements within the games such as sound effects, music, non-playing characters, fonts etc. were plain or pleasing.

New conceptual and theoretical work is underway to refine our understanding of fun in games.

For more information, see the slides from our Game Developer Conference (GDC) talk (PDF).

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