Ford Driving Skills for Life Game (Fall 2011 - Fall 2012 )

Date: Fall 2011 - Fall 2012

Funding: Ford Motor Company Fund & Community Services

Authors: Brian Winn, William Jeffery, Justin Girard, Benjamin Szmczak, David Ward, Dan Sosnowski, Eric Musser, Ben Diefenbach, Evan Cox, Rick Meurs, Justin Ceckowksi

Driving Skills for Life is a modern web-based three-dimensional game that provides players with real-world skills that will help them become better drivers on the road. The game is based on the live hands-on driving training events conducted by the Ford Driving Skills for Life program. However, unlike the hands-on program, which is only available to a select few students, the web-based game will be accessible by millions of young drivers around the world. Further, given the safety of the game environment, the game is able to put players in situations, such as distracted driving in traffic, that is not possible in the hands-on training program.

The game supplements the existing learning materials available on the Driving Skills for Life website. The game provides an interactive and entertaining experience that will create additional draw to the website, engage young drivers in safe driving practices, and teach young drivers new driving skills.

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