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Posted on: December 20, 2012

We all remember that life-changing professor. The one who changed the way we thought about the world. The college is quite busy this year searching for new faculty that will help us catapult CAS to new heights. We have been spending the last few months actively searching for new faculty and we’ve met some remarkable candidates. The level of the applicants applying to be a professor here is staggering. Frankly, I am glad to already be a faculty member as I am not sure I could compete with some of the amazing candidates. Below are the types of faculty searches underway in the college right now:

Communication Theory in Health Contexts Faculty

The Department of Communication is seeking an Associate or Full Professor in Communication Theory with emphasis on social influence or mediated communication theories applied to health contexts.

 Department Chair, Communication

 The Department of Communication is searching for a visionary leader to continue the upward trajectory of this world-class unit.

 Advertising Faculty 

The Department of Advertising & Public Relations is seeking a leading researcher/teacher who loves the field of advertising and can demonstrate expertise in it. 

 Digital Media Development

The School of Journalism and the Department of Advertising and Public Relations seek an expert in Digital Media Development for the college's Media Sandbox.  The two departments are seeking to jointly hire a teacher and professional whose skills focus is on designing, developing and building new media.  

3D Graphics and Animation Faculty 

The Media Sandbox, Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, & Media, and Department of Advertising & Public Relations is filling a faculty position in the area of 3D Graphics and Animation. 

Trifecta Professor of Communication Technology and Health

 As part of a three-college partnership with the Colleges of Engineering and Nursing, CAS is searching for a researcher/teacher with expertise in the area of technology and health. We seek a scholar whose research addresses the use of new communication technologies to deliver health services/solutions to underserved communities. 

Best of the Best – CSD

The Department of Communicative Sciences & Disorders seeks to fill two tenure-track faculty positions with individuals committed to developing an outstanding program of research and teaching. Both positions are open to a leading scholar in the CSD field.

Socio-technical Systems 

The Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media (TISM) is filling a faculty position in the area of socio-technical systems. We seek a leader in the field whose scholarship is at the intersection of social sciences and technology with expertise in studying and/or building innovative systems of interaction between people (individuals, groups, communities, networks, crowds), technology and society. 

Knight Chair in Environmental Journalism

The School of Journalism seeks candidates for the endowed Knight Chair for Environmental Journalism. We seek an internationally respected journalist and/or scholar committed to expanding the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism and advancing our strong international programs of research, teaching and outreach.

Communication and Information Technology Economist

The College of Communication Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University have joined forces to search for a professor with expertise as a communication and information economist. The position will be located jointly in both colleges with the goal of making societal and economic impacts in developing countries.

We’ve been very impressed with the applicants we’ve met with so far and can’t wait to introduce them to you as they join the team! Stay tuned…



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