Faculty to Participate in AEJMC Convention

Posted on: August 1, 2012

Image via www.aejmcchicago.org.

Eleven School of Journalism faculty members and graduate students will present research papers or receive awards at the 2012 Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication annual convention Aug. 9-12, in Chicago.

Howard Bossen — “Hot Metal, Cold Reality: Photographers’ Access to Steel Mills”

Brian J. Bowe — “Facilitating the Egyptian Uprising: A Case Study of Facebook and Egypt’s April 6th Youth Movement”

Serena Carpenter — “CityCircles App. Light Rail Job Classifieds;” “Tenacious Tweeting, Bellowing Blogging, Fanatical Facebooking, Yappy YouTubing: Using Industry Cases as Teaching Tools;” “Scars of War” and “Citizens of Nowhere” (student projects)

Manuel Chavez — “100 Years of Journalism and Communication in Latin America and the Caribbean” (chair of this panel) and “A Century of Transformations of Journalism in Mexico and Central America” (his paper)

Eric Freedman — “Hot Metal, Cold Reality: Photographers’ Access to Steel Mills”

Kanni Huang — “Psychological Individual Differences and the U & G of Facebook: The Relationship Between Personality Traits and Motivational Reactivity and the Motivations and Intensity to Use Facebook in Taiwan”

Stephen Lacy — “The State of the Weekly Newspaper Industry”

Folu Ogundimu — “Global Journalism and Mass Communication- Effective Teaching and Research Strategies” and “Press Freedom and Information Flows Around the World”

Cheryl Pell — Presenter of Annual Honors Lecture for Scholastic Journalism Division

David Poulson — “Reader Engagement and the Future of University Based Journalism”

Bruno Takahashi — “A Look at Nature: The Visual Representation of Environmental Affairs on the Covers of Time”

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