Documentary World Premiere at Capital City Film Festival

Posted on: April 27, 2012

Musical wood-like devices, closeup of."Elderly Instruments: All Things Strings," a documentary directed by MSU Communication Arts & Sciences (CAS) Senior Video Specialist Bob Albers with the help of 15 MSU students, has been in the making for three years will premiere at the Lansing Capital Film festival on April 12.

Albers teaches video production in Telecommunication Information Studies and Media (TISM). He is also a documentary filmmaker with a background as a producer, director, cameraperson, writer, editor and executive producer. Albers has been involved in the making of over 40 documentaries and "Elderly Instruments: All Things Strings" is his latest.

About "Elderly Instruments: All Things Strings"

A man's face.Loved around the world as a source for the best in stringed instruments, Lansing's Elderly Instruments is "All Things Strings." Enter the Washington Street store and you encounter the best in musical instruments and a staff of terrific musicians who welcome you as if you had "walked into their living room." And "anyone and their brother" can pick up an expensive instrument and play it. No glass cases, no one looming over your shoulder, and you don’t need to ask—just pick it up and play. 

"All Things Strings" is wall to wall music, from folk to rock to bluegrass to country and western. The camera takes you behind the scenes with the quirky and knowledgeable staff, into workshops with guest musicians, and into the funky office and mind of Stan Werbin, co-founder and owner, and the A man sings and plays his tuba.source of the spirit and magic of Elderly. 

Bob Albers directs the film, starring left-handed guitar virtuoso "Frog" Forgey, behind-the-scenes guide Derek Smith, musician extraordinaire and Elderly lover Rob Bourassa, and owner Stan Werbin. Musicians include Dave Shelton & Jeff Wilmore, Frog and the Beeftones, Honest D and the Steel Reserve, Jen Sygit and Sam Corbin, John Jorgenson, The Hank Williams Revue, The Pickland Orchestra and The Rhythm Club.

The world premiere of "Elderly Instruments: All Things Strings" takes place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 12 at the Capital City Film Festival at the Lansing Center.

Some people playing guitar.

Tickets are $5. For tickets, click here

Click here to view an invitation from director Bob Albers.

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