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Posted on: March 19, 2015


The Department of Advertising + Public Relations is launching two new summer study abroad programs this year – Advertising and Society (ADV 475) and International Advertising in Europe (ADV 334).

Each course will give students nearly three weeks of study and cultural experiences in Europe. The development of these new programs is part of a strategic initiative to provide greater intercultural opportunities for students in advertising and public relations.

Dawn Pysarchik, Professor in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations, who is leading the International Advertising in Europe program, is a strong advocate for engaging students in intercultural experiences that build global competence. She served as the oversight administrator for the Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Hikone, Japan, for 16 years.

"Whether students work for a company based in the United States or abroad, the knowledge and skills gained from this program are essential to work in today's advertising and media businesses," Pysarchik said.

The two new study abroad courses were coordinated with the British Mass Media study abroad program to allow students to gain broader insights from professionals in different cultural and professional settings. Content in this program series has been coordinated so students who choose to take all three courses will have unique experiences in each course.

The British Mass Media program runs from May 16 to June 20; Advertising and Society is from June 21 to July 9; and International Advertising in Europe is July 13 to July 30.

"This gives students the possibility of taking 12 credits in 12 weeks to study in Europe on one plane ticket," said Bob Kolt, Instructor in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations, who is leading the Advertising and Society program.

Kolt said he created the Advertising and Society study abroad to take advantage of the Cannes Creativity Festival following the conclusion of the British Mass Media program, which is lead by Professor of Journalism Sue Carter and Specialist Troy Hale, who has a joint appointment in the School of Journalism and Department of Media and Information.

Besides Cannes, the Advertising and Society program also will travel to Monaco, Brussels and will end in Amsterdam just a few days before the other new study abroad program, International Advertising in Europe, begins in Amsterdam.

Kolt said the Department of Advertising + Public Relations wanted to create an exciting and dynamic study abroad adventure that included the Cannes Creativity Festival, which runs June 22-27. Students in the program will be registered participants of the festival and will be able to attend many of its functions.

"This is a unique, creative study experience for MSU students," Kolt said. "Meeting and interacting with some of the top creative minds in the world and experiencing several rich and historic cultures will add great value to students personally and professionally."

Other aspects of the program include traveling to Monaco for an overnight stay, a week of study in Brussels, Belgium, and finally the last week will be spent at the University of Amsterdam.

Each location was chosen for its unique qualities, Kolt said. Cannes for the creative festival; Monaco for its rich and exclusive culture; Belgium as the seat of European government and regulation; and Amsterdam for its progressive culture and society.

"This will be an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime adventure," Kolt said. "The world will be our classroom and we will compare distinct and unique societies and culture and the affect advertising has on society and how society affects advertising."

The International Advertising in Europe program will be immersed in the local cultures of three dynamic European hub cities – Amsterdam, Paris and London. Students in this program will examine the complexity and nuances of marketing communications in global markets.

"We will explore factors and strategic decisions for successful global brand campaigns, cultural dimensions differentiating various regions and peoples, and the structure of communication companies and media in different countries," Pysarchik said. "Students will examine how global advertising campaigns are created while exploring the process in practical terms and examining the legal and ethical implications for creative products and international advertising, public relations and market research."

Students will interact with advertising, public relations and market research professionals at their agencies and in the classroom. They also will engage in hands-on projects to analyze advertising and public relations campaigns in European settings.

Both new study abroad programs are almost full with a diverse group of students prepared to enjoy the experience. While the courses are nearing capacity, the programs run later in the summer so applications are still being processed.

The programs are open to undergraduate and graduate students from any university and there will be a few non-MSU students participating.

by Rachel Tang, Public Relations Assistant/ Journalism Senior


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