Designs on Detroit Potato Chips

Posted on: November 11, 2015

ChipsWhen the Detroit Friends Potato Chips company was looking for help coming up with a design for its packaging, it looked no further than the Advertising students at MSU.

Michael Wimberley, Founder and General Manager of the company and an MSU alumnus (B.A. Business ’86), reached out to MSU's Department of Advertising + Public Relations.

“There are an incredible number of potato chip options out there, so we said to ourselves how can we get a leg up,” Wimberley said.

Assistant Professor of Advertising Henry Brimmer answered the call. Students in his ADV 428 class are receiving real-world experience working on branding for the Detroit-based product.

The 17 students in the class recently presented their designs to Wimberley.

“I was hoping for what I got, which was a lot of creativity, a lot of really good ideas, and an opportunity to share some of my experiences with the class,” Wimberley said after the presentations. “I will definitely implement some of this because it’s fantastic. It is exactly what I was looking for. The images were great, the words, the ideas, the symbols. It’s first-class quality.”ruimveld_chips-5-roots

Wimberley now plans to closely review all the designs and come up with a plan on how to use them.

“There is tons of stuff here that I can use,” Wimberley said. “It’s just a matter of figuring out how to integrate it.”

Some of the potatoes for the Detroit Friend Potato Chips are locally grown in community urban gardens. The chips are made in small batches and produced by residents of Detroit’s Hope District.

“There were so many options for us to create the brand,” said Cheyenne Trujillo, an Advertising major. “I liked working on this because there is a purpose behind the product. It’s unique, not just a Lays potato chip, and it’s also from Detroit.”

The Detroit Friend Potato Chips are mostly sold through small, Detroit-based retail outlets. For more information, see the Detroit Friends Potato Chips website.


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