Dealertown Ford (Fall 2009 - Summer 2010)

Date: Fall 2009 - Summer 2010

Authors: Jordan Ajlouni, Adam Breece, Chris Cornish, Marie Lazar, Jason Maynard, Jonathan Moore, Sean Strasberger, Brian Winn (advisor)

In late 2009, Ford Credit, the vehicle financing subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, approached Spartasoft about creating a fun, educational web-based game to place on their website. The goal was to teach players about personal and vehicle financing without boring them to death. We came up with a game where the player runs a dealership. In addition to placing a selection of cars on their lot, the player is responsible for determining the terms of customer vehicle loans. The more appropriately the loan terms are set, the more points the player earns. With the dealer points that the player earns, he or she can purchase upgrades that improve the appearance and functionality of the dealership. Upgrades increase the number of customers coming to the lot, the number of points earned, or have other benefits.

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