CSD Presents at Michigan Speech-Language Hearing Association Conference

Group of people with pac man shirts.Communicative Sciences and Disorders professor John Eulenberg, Ph.D., along with five undergraduate students, attended the Michigan Speech-Language Hearing Association Conference on March 22-24 in Kalamazoo, Mich. The students, Kathryn Genoa, Lauren Cibor, Ashley Clark, Lexie Johnson and Danielle Larg, participated in a well-received poster presentation accompanied by a live demonstration of the Artificial Language Lab technology which they've assisted in developing.

Dr. Eulenberg and his team are currently developing a gesture-learning system that will have a theoretically unlimited vocabulary. They plan to demonstrate this system as part of a research paper presentation at the Biennial International Conference of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication in July in Pittsburgh, Pa.

A master demonstrates the power of his index finder to an astonished student.Chris Klein (photographed bottom left) is a man with cerebral palsy who uses his foot to communicate. Professor Eulenberg invited him to try MSU's Artificial Language Lab "Gesture-to-Speech Recognition System." Klein used the MSU system to control a voice synthesizer to utter "yes" and "no" by patterned movements of his foot. He wore a special watch on his ankle which transmits his ankle position dozens of times per second via a miniature radio, so that gestures can be caught, recognized, and interpreted as spoken utterances with this technology. Eulenberg designed the system over the last two years with the help of undergraduate research volunteers at the Artificial Language Laboratory.

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