Courses and internships announced with WKAR

Posted on: November 11, 2011

MSU students can explore hands-on public broadcasting opportunities in all aspects of the media business through new courses and internships offered by the College of Communication Arts & Sciences.

MSU Broadcasting Services - home to WKAR-TV and Radio - joined the College of Communication Arts & Sciences this summer. As part of the transition, leaders from the college and WKAR have set goals to innovate and provide unique learning opportunities for MSU students. Ten new courses being launched in 2012 will allow students to participate in experiential learning opportunities that will simultaneously provide benefits for WKAR.

The opportunities for MSU students range from courses to hands-on experiences in multiple areas of public broadcasting, says Dean Pamela Whitten of the college. They include many facets of public broadcasting operations - from TV and radio production to public relations, branding and sales.

“Our college offers student experiences to prepare tomorrow’s global communicators beyond the classroom. Embedding MSU Broadcasting Services within the College of Communication Arts & Sciences offers new opportunities for our students and ways to bolster public media and reach additional audiences,” she said. “We are committed to high-quality public broadcasting with an expanded viewpoint and an innovative future,” said Whitten.

The opportunities provide fabulous on-campus and off-campus experiences for students in a real-life media venue, says Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Janet Lillie.

“We will be offering courses, field experiences and internships to allow students to merge their academic studies with professional opportunities,” Lillie said.

Gary Reid, acting director of broadcasting for WKAR, said the courses offer benefits for WKAR and viewers. “We are building upon the excellent heritage of WKAR and enhancing the programming and outreach through the connection with the college,” he said.

The 10 new courses to be launched in 2012 include:

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