Connecting in D.C.

Posted on: April 27, 2012

Two women; one in a chair, one not.Throughout the year, the college participates in some extraordinary events and opportunities that unite CAS Alumni with industry leaders. These events take place across the country and are sponsored by generous alums. Last week we participated in an exceptional reception hosted by a true gentleman and Spartan, Tom Culligan (B.A. history '66, advertising '67). Tom is the chief revenue and marketing officer at the Washington Times.

The reception was held at Washington D.C.'s University Club. About 35 alumni attended the event and Tom and I each spoke about the exciting curriculum, programs offered and opportunities taking place at the college and throughout campus. The reception offered a wonderful opportunity to catch up with our alum and learn of their amazing accomplishments. More importantly, it set the stage for what we should be doing more often, namely creating opportunities for Spartans to network with other Spartans.

Two women smile.Our special guests included a lieutenant general, CEOs from various media outlets, reporters, editors and broadcast specialists just to name a few. What a great mix of talent and connections from which our alumni can build relationships!

Tom Culligan and his wife, Patrice Culligan (publisher at Alexandria Times) not only hosted a wonderful reception for CAS, but the following morning, Tom held a breakfast allowing us to meet with talented industry leaders to discuss the future of the communications field. The group consisted of Emmy and Telly award winning producers and writers, CBS Radio senior vice president/market manager, Fenn Communications Group president, CTIA- The Wireless Association executive vice president and Centric (BET) executive vice president and general One woman, and two men.manager. We gained tremendous knowledge and insight on each other's practices and vision. These individuals were excited about the college's direction and wanted to share their knowledge and experience with our students. Business cards were exchanged and we are setting up campus visits.

The college looks forward to having future events like this and encourages other alumni to help us strengthen our program through lectures, internships, mentoring and visits to the college, as well as reconnecting alumni to the mission of CAS.

Two men, and one woman.A special thanks to Tom and Patrice Culligan for their generous support of the college, our alumni and students. 

Pamela Whitten

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