Clusterduck (Spring 2012)

Date: Spring 2012

Authors: Dan Sosnowski, Francesca Boville, Antonio Revard, Jeff Vannini, Paul Kozlowski, Chris Flynn

The groundhog’s shadow is tormenting Ducktown by keeping it in eternal winter. To make things worse your ducklings are missing! You as the mother duck must gather your flock to fight your way into the the groundhogs shadow lair and defeat him to return spring to your town and bring happiness.

To get there the player needs to retrieve their ducklings, defeat the shadow’s minions, and solve puzzles along the way to the shadow’s lair. The player’s mechanics will include two types of duck attacks, as well as unique enemy mechanics and interesting puzzle solving. Throughout the game we want the player to have fun and experience a gameplay style they haven’t experienced in a long time with a combination of mechanics that were fun, but not used frequently.

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