City Pulse Features Advertising + PR Students' Work

Posted on: July 2, 2013

City pulseGracing the cover of City Pulse's weekly newspaper last week was the work of Advertising + PR students Wesley Choi (art) and Paige Bolen (copy). As part of a summer portfolio workshop spearheaded by CAS faculty Henry Brimmer and Larry Steinberg, the 10 students in the workshop partnered to create five groups with the task of designing art for last week's cover story, "Beer-cation Destination." The City Pulse's Andy Balaskovitz wrote that the winning design "expresses that do it yourself nature of Michigan's craft beer industry, whether it's a well-known brewery that started in a basement or the thousands of people still in their basement catching on to the homebrewing phenomenon."

He goes on to note, "But it was not an easy or unanimous choice. Others went for the pair of bar flies cracking jokes with another (by Leah Cranston and Lindsay Stormer). Other styles include the elegant growler with hand-written text (by Madeline Rosemurgy and Stephen York) and a wrestler holding a keg, exclaiming the power of beer (by Kelsey Sedelmeier and Henrik Blix). The keg spout substituting the L in Pulse signifies a flowing industry, if you will (by Krista Wiegand and Collin Magin)."

Brimmer comments in the article that the students had "little time to come up with ideas and refine the covers, which is not unlike the pace at which agencies work. Just as designers and copywriters must often do in the workplace, the students learned about their assignment in the morning and had to have concepts ready by that afternoon. Final presentations were made the next day, just like a professional ad agency would do.

Brimmer says, "I love this class" and thinks "more classes ought to be taught (this way): intensive tag-teaching across disciplines all the time."

City Pulse Cover Story

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