CAS Students Win National Addys

Posted on: May 18, 2012

Jonathan BlackCongratulations to Jonathan Black and Ahreum Jung on winning National Addy Awards!

Jonathan is a creative advertising major and will graduate next May 2013. He created a poster campaign in his advanced creative media course.

“I designed it to promote safe biking and the purchase of a light for your bicycle,” Jonathan said. “My vision was for it to be displayed primarily in the university setting, since I've witnessed a few accidents with some not so careful bikers. The graphics represent the chains of a bicycle, and the image they create relates to the broader idea of the campaign.”

After winning at the district level, Jonathan submitted his designs to nationals, but was not expecting to win.

“The ADDYs are a huge, nationwide program, and I never thought I would be a winner. Stressing out over finals, I received an email in my inbox with the opening line, ‘Congratulations on winning a National ADDY® Award!’ I sat with my hands covering my face in pure shock and happiness, not fully believing what I was reading.”

Jonathan is also a recipient of the University Scholars Award and is on the Dean’s List—but he’s not stopping there. He still has a year left in which he plans to enter his work in more competitions.

Jonathan just spent spring semester abroad in Rome, Italy and looks forward to returning to the Spartan Marching Band in the fall. After graduation, he hopes to work for an advertising agency—ideally a firm whose client base consists of Broadway musicals like Serino Coyne, L.L.C. He also hopes to attend grad school to obtain a Master’s in business or marketing.

Great work, Jonathan! 

Ahreum JungAhreum Jung is a recent advertising graduate whose team just won first place in the Media Sandbox Challenge and was awarded a $5,000 cash prize. In addition to winning an Addy for another piece, Ahreum won a National Addy for her campaign entitled “Heinz Dip and Squeeze Ketchup.”

“It's a much easier way to enjoy ketchup by either ripping off the top perforation and squeezing it or peeling off the entire label from the bottom and dipping it. I wanted to personify the dip and squeeze aspect where people could take a quiz to find out who their inner ketchup was,” Ahreum said.

Ahreum was surprised when she found out that she had won the National Addy but has been quite the award recipient in her last year at MSU.

“I was completely surprised and elated, and did not expect to win a National Addy. I was already humbled with the fact I had won the first round and districts.”

Ahreum says she could not have won without the leadership of Larry Steinberg, Henry Brimmer or Paula Storrer. She plans to move to Chicago at the end of the summer and hopes to find a design job in graphics, web or packaging or at an advertising agency.

“It’s amazing what you can do with a simple idea.”


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