CAS Students Win Big in Society of News Design Contest

Posted on: July 9, 2013


In 2000, the Michigan State University Society of News Design began an annual design contest for college students everywhere. In the contest, students are able to enter their work and be recognized for it, whether it was done for a class, campus publication, job or an internship.

According to MSU SND's website, some of the most talented visual journalists—for a variety of reasons—don't work at their campus publication, meaning they are usually ineligible for college design competitions. This design contest was established to give those students a voice.

This year, 491 entries were submitted and judged by a panel of 18 professional designers from around the world. Judges included Amy Huschka, assistant editor at the Detroit Free Press; Martin Gee, senior designer at The Huffington Post; Nick Mrozowski, creative director at Adweek; and Yuri Victor, director of user experience at The Washington Post. Entries were judged April 9-29, and seven CAS students recently were named winners.

Jackie Dumbleton, a journalism senior with a design specialization, received second place in the feature page newspaper category and third place in the magazine spread category. Both pieces were class projects.

In her feature page, titled Mitten Made, Dumbleton said she took her passion for sustainable and locally produced items to create Michigan out of fruits and vegetables. In her magazine spread, Cold Weather, Hot Tea, she investigated teas to create a page that touched on the history of the beverage, as well as highlights the origin of popular tea flavors.

“Being a contest winner to me is a great reminder that I'm good at what I do, Dumbleton said. With so much amazing competition among students in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, it's fun to be recognized for the work that is produced at MSU.

Drew Dzwonkowski, a journalism senior, received honorable mention in the art and illustration category with his front-page illustration for The State News commemorating 70 years of music at MSU. The illustration was inspired by a conversation with a friend, who told Dzwonkowski about a story he was writing about of all the musical acts that had performed at the university.

“He was listing off all these great names like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Tupac and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just looked at him and said, ‘Dude, I'm going to draw them all, Dzwonkowski said. So about 50 hours of illustration later, this was the final product.

Dzwonkowski said he's proud of the illustration and that people still talk to him about it.

“People tell me they thought it was cool or that they have it hanging on their wall, Dzwonkowski said. It is nice to be recognized for something you put a lot of hours into.

In the promotions and advertising category, two CAS students were named winners.

Kayley Sopel, a creative advertising senior, was a first place winner. The project she submitted was an extension on a project she did in one of Henry Brimmer's courses.

In the course, Brimmer had students design Burton snowboards for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, create them in actual size and then have a photo shoot with them to create other materials. Sopel used her photos to create a special edition Burton brochure, advertising the products and the lifestyles that went along with them.

“This contest had an amazing panel of extremely talented judges, so just having them look at my work was pretty great, Sopel said. It means a lot to me to win a design competition for an advertising piece. I've never submitted any of my advertising work before, so this helped boost my confidence and inspired me to continue with my creative work.

In the same category, Isabel Calder received third place. Calder's entry was packaging for paprika, a class assignment for ADV 326. Students had to create labels for a product that contained pepper.

“I feel that being chosen as a winner in this international competition confirms that I am on the right career path, Calder said.

In the Digital Storytelling category, the multimedia website class, JRN 400, received third place for their project, Off the Field Report, a news site dedicated to telling stories of sports and mental health.

The team of journalism students who worked on the Off the Field Report website include Michael Briggs, Taylor Carlson, Justin Dacey, Jason Dovitz, Sean Gagnier, Bri Harvey, Jonathan Jarbou, Mariah Montenegro, Lindsey Pehrson, Kaelin Roberts, Eric Walters and Alex Yavaraski, all of whom have a passion for sports. From team leader, to copy chief, to website coder, to designer, all 12 of the journalists have put their mark on the website in some way.

The Off the Field Report project was guided by Darcy Greene, associate professor of journalism.

Finally, in the iPad magazine category, Rachel Kozloski, Danielle Turcotte and Nate Zemanek received first place for their entry, Glyph Magazine.

Glyph was designed for Cheryl Pell's section of the JRN 400 in the fall of 2012. It was the first time the course required students to create an iPad magazine instead of traditional media.

Kozloski was lead designer on the project and is now an MSU graduate. She majored in English and minored in journalism. She designed most of the pages in the magazine with help from Zemanek, a media and communications technology grad, who was responsible for all of the interactive elements. Turcotte, a journalism grad, designed a few pages, but was mainly in charge of photography.

“Without good art, there is no good design. [Danielle's] photographs made my designs possible, Kozloski said. After that, I wanted to keep everything as clean, uniform and visually appealing as possible. I've never worked with a medium like this before, so it took me awhile to get the hang of it. I had to borrow some iPads to look over real magazine apps, but once I got my first page down, everything else fell into place.

For more on Glpyh Magazine, listen to this piece that aired on WKAR's Current State. WKAR's Scott Pohl spoke with Pell, Zemanek and Turcotte about their project.

Congratulations to all of the winners. We love your creativity!

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