CAS-Produced Film Nominated for Best Short Documentary at Orlando Film Festival

Posted on: November 3, 2014

Missing Moon Rocks mainThe documentary, "Missing Moon Rocks," directed by Troy Hale, Specialist with a joint appointment in the Department of Media and Information and School of Journalism, was nominated for Best Short Documentary at the 2014 Orlando Film Festival.

"I was actually blown away that we were nominated for the Best Short Documentary award. I'm really happy that so many people enjoyed our film," Hale said. "I hope we can send more great MSU made films to their festival in the future."

"Missing Moons Rocks" was screened with three other documentary shorts at the Orlando Film Festival, which was held Oct. 22-26.

The documentary is about the moon rocks that were brought back to Earth by the Apollo Program that have since come up missing.

The Apollo Program brought back 842 pounds of moon rocks and dust to this planet for scientific study, but not all the rocks were used for research, some were given away as gifts.

As a goodwill gesture, 270 moon rocks were given to the nations of the world and states, with each nation and state receiving two rocks, one from Apollo 11 and one from Apollo 17. NASA did not track all of these moon rock gifts, and of those 270 rocks, 160 of them are missing or unaccounted for at this time.

Missing Moon Rocks main 2Working with Hale on the film were former College of Communication Arts and Sciences students Colin Marshall and Justin Grosjean, who both graduated with degrees in Media Arts and Technology. Marshall helped Hale shoot the film at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, while Grosjean was the editor of the film.

Hale plans to send the film to other film festivals in the next few months and recently was contacted by a group in Germany that would like to screen the film.

"It is amazing how these films get around the globe," Hale said.

Hale is a 20-time Emmy Award winner and has been nominated more than 40 times for his work as a television journalist.

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