CAS Portfolio Class Celebrates the Chinese New Year

Posted on: February 8, 2013

CNY GameboyThe Chinese New Year is Sunday, February 10 and the College of Communication Arts & Sciences is ready to ring it in with style. Students from one of advertising faculty Henry Brimmer’s classes have joined the celebration by creating their very own Chinese New Year posters.

“Considering that MSU has now more Chinese students than all other foreign students put together, many at CAS, we decided to do a quick project in portfolio class; a Happy Chinese New Year poster,” Brimmer said.

Many of the students utilized this year’s animal, the snake, within their designs. According to Chinese legend, finding a snake in your home is meant to bring good luck to your family. Family is an important part of celebrating Chinese New Year and highlights of the fifteen-day festival are family feasts, fireworks, and the Lantern Festival.


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