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Posted on: December 7, 2012

With more than 3000 undergraduates in CAS, there are no quiet moments in the college's first floor student services offices. Our advising and career service departments work with students every day as problem solvers, education collaborators and strategic planners. They help students map out the courses they need for their degree requirements along with the elective courses they want to take; they teach students to manage their credits and schedules so they graduate in a timely fashion; they assist students searching for internships and study abroad programs; they connect students with networking opportunities and mentorship programs; and, everyone’s favorite: they help our students find JOBS after graduation.
Advisors also help navigate resources on and around campus, encouraging students to get involved in areas outside of the classroom— to participate in student organizations and leadership opportunities.
Our career services staff members work with students in planning pre-career internships and finding jobs. They plan and execute successful career events that provide networking opportunities in fields such as IT, public relations, advertising, sales, digital media, and film and entertainment. Some of their events include Career Gallery, Chrysler Day and Live, Work Detroit! This spring, we look forward to Speed Networking, PR Links and Convergence, Kohl’s Retailing Career Day, Game Design Tour, IT Mixer and Careers in Television Entertainment through Promax. The career services department also works with the ever-popular alumni mentorship program, CAS Connect.
Some of the notable speakers that have come to provide priceless career mentoring for students recently include Jeff Genthner of FOX Sports, Peter Faricy of, Michael Sheldon of Deutsch LA, Dave Ehlers of Optimedia, David Gandini of Integrated Printing Systems, Jim Signorelli of StoryLab Marketing, and Steve Janisse and Brynnnen Crosson of Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
We’re also proud to share that we’re the first unit on campus to actively raise funds to provide internship scholarships for our students, thanks in huge part to our donors. These scholarships are highly sought-after and allow students to take internships they might not otherwise be able to afford, providing funding to offset costs like travel and lodging. To learn how you can contribute, contact
Thank you career services and advising for your endless energy and enthusiasm in serving our undergraduate students.  And thank you to our alumni and donors for supporting these efforts as well; we would not be able to do it without you!

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