CAS Connect a Huge Success

Posted on: February 25, 2014


CAS Connect, the college's largest interactive career event, was a big success, giving hundreds of students the opportunity to network with employers and alumni and discuss internships, summer employment and career opportunities.

This first-ever career event, which took place Feb. 21 in the first floor hallway of the CAS building, went beyond the job recruiting process by giving students the opportunity to learn about various career fields and connect with employers and alumni.

"This was my first networking event and I found it to be very beneficial. I got to talk to a lot of people, and I think I got a good sense of who I want to work with," said Marissa Palmeri, a junior media and information major. "It also was the perfect setting having it in the Comm Arts building. I feel like that is my home."

Altogether, 54 employers participated and were hiring for full-time and internship positions. And, unlike other career fairs, this one was just for College of Communication Arts and Sciences students.

"I am really glad there is a career fair that focuses on comm arts students. The last career fair I went to, there wasn't a lot for comm arts," said My Ha, a junior advertising major.

According to Career Services, 450 students participated.

"It (CAS Connect) went very well. There was a lot of student interest and participation," said Karin Hanson, Director of Employer Relations & Professional Transitions.

For alumni and employers, this was an excellent opportunity to connect with talented students looking for internships, summer employment and careers after graduation. It also was a great way for them to share their experience with students anxious to learn from the best in the field. And, many of the employers who participated were MSU and CAS alumni.

CAS-connect-WP2The event made use of RecPass technology, which uses laminate cards with personalized QR codes that employers could scan to access a student's resume and portfolio. Prior to CAS Connect, students uploaded their resume, portfolio and contact information. Employers now have access to this information so they can schedule follow-up interviews or forward referrals.

"When employers scanned the student RecPass, it provided them with the student's professional profile, portfolio and resume. This made it simple for students as well as the employers and helped streamline the recruiting process," Hanson said. "The technology also allowed us to instantly track student and employer interaction throughout the event. It was exciting to see that there were more than 1,600 scans in the three-hour period."

Based on the success of this first CAS Connect, the college is already looking forward to next year.

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