CAS APRR Students Awarded 49 Scholarships

Posted on: April 27, 2012

Two grinning women, one grinning man.Scholarships and awards in an amount totaling $47,340 were given out last Friday afternoon, March 23 at the Annual Advertising, Public Relations & Retailing (APRR) Spring Awards Ceremony.  The 49 award recipients were able to meet and interact with the donor or donor's representative at the reception immediately following the ceremony. 

Four of the donors for endowed scholarships were on hand to present the awards. John Kimball presented the Clarke and Marion Kimball Scholarships.  Skip Drayton and Mary Katsarelas presented the Katsarelas Scholarship in memory of Mary's husband, George, who was creative director at Leo Burnett in Detroit.  Bonnie Reece, former Chair of APRR presented the Bonnie B. Reece Graduate Scholarships.  T.J. Bucholz, communications director, presented the Lambert, Edwards and Associates scholarships. 

In addition to scholarships, the Outstanding Doctoral student awards were presented for the MIS and Retailing programs.  There was also Outstanding Advertising MA and BA, Outstanding Public Relations MA and BA and Outstanding Retailing BS. 

Some of our alumni awards presented included the Stan Stein Scholarship, Richard E. Augenstein Public Relations Scholarship, William J. Hopp Endowed Scholarship and Schalon Scholars Fund. Congratulations to all scholarship and award recipients! 

Award/Scholarship recipients: 

Outstanding Doctoral Students (presented by Nora Rifon & Brenda Sternquist)
Sookyong Kim (M.I.S.)
Jing Zhao (Retailing) 

Outstanding Master’s Students (presented by Hairong Li & Richard Cole)
Lu Cao (Advertising)
Tara Stewart Kuhnen (Public Relations) 

Janet L. Loria Scholarship (presented by Linda Good)
Georgienne Kirsten
Eunyoung (Christine) Sung
Chung-Hsuan (Amelia) Wang 

Mary Louise Gephart Donnell Scholarship (presented by Patricia Huddleston)
Greg Clare
Jie Li
Sonia Menjeshwar
Kudzai Mukumbi 

Bonnie B. Reece Graduate Scholarship (presented by Bonnie Reece)
Samantha Saracco
Napolean Ward IV 

Outstanding Seniors (presented by Andrew Corner)
Brett Ekblad (Advertising)
Morgan Pomish (Public Relations)
Jessica Sherman (Retailing) 

Stan Stein Scholarship (presented by Andrew Corner)
Austen Hohendorf 

Bruce & Sue Augenstein Advertising Scholarship (presented by Richard Cole)
Kathryn Watts 

Richard E. Augenstein Public Relations Scholarship (presented by Richard Cole)
Rebecca Strauss
Xiaomeng Wu (M.A.) 

E. Ross Gamble Memorial Scholarship (presented by Saleem Alhabash)
Elizabeth Morgan
Mwemba K. Mwemba
Jenna Stoewsand 

William J. Hopp Endowed Scholarship (presented by Elizabeth Quilliam)
Emily Jaslove
Antonio Sanchez-Ortiz
Maggie Phelan
Heather Wenzel
Mengtian Jiang (M.A.)
Megan Kennedy
Madolin Welch 

George Katsarelas Scholarship (presented by Skip Drayton & Mary Katsarelas)
Tamara Todor-Nits 

Lambert, Edwards & Associates Scholarship (presented by T.J. Bucholz)
Victoria Bujny
Alissa Hooper 

Clarke and Marion Kimball Scholarship (presented by John Kimball)
Lauren Corbeill
Carlee Schepeler 

The Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance Scholarship (presented by Julie Becker)
Stanislav Levitt
Robert Smith
Michael Zalewski
Shelby Rodriguez
Kayley Sopel
Wenting Zhou 

Central Michigan PRSA George Brown Memorial Scholarship (presented by Robert Kolt)
Jeannette Conklin 

Central Michigan PRSA Student Practitioner of the Year (presented by Robert Kolt)
Kristen Selasky 

The Schalon Scholars Fund (presented by Nora Rifon)
Michaela Allen
Leonice Cheeks
Angelia Gambino
Mackenzie Baker
Ryan Gaines
Zoe Suffety 

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