CAS Alumni Return for Spartan Picnic

Posted on: June 18, 2013

Alumni PicnicLast week, MSU alumni from 1969 and prior returned to campus for Alumni Reunion Days — two days of events, tours, meals and reminiscing. With threatening thunderstorms on the way, CAS alumni were invited indoors for the annual Spartan Alumni Picnic to enjoy a meal with their fellow alums and learn about what’s new at the college. 

Keeping with the spirit of a picnic, the Deeb conference room was decked out with red and white checkered cloths, mason jar centerpieces with baby’s breath and plenty of burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad and watermelon for all.

Guests were encouraged to share their major and career history, stories of professors and courses they took and recall if they had met one another around campus before. Many also hoped for a building tour, as the college had not yet been built when they were students. 

Afterward, Dean Pamela Whitten gave a short update on the college and then introduced Kaitlynn Knopp, a public relations intern who works in the Dean's office as part of the college's communications team. Knopp gave a presentation on social media and technology becoming such a key part of students’ lives and how the college embraces that. She spoke of the college's outreach through social media, e-newsletters and digital greetings. 

Next, Bill Donohue, the acting chair for the Communication department overviewed what's new and highlighted faculty research and various communication courses. 

Wrapping the evening up, Steve Lacy, a professor in the School of Journalism as well as the Communication department, gave an update on the School of Journalism. He talked about how journalism is not dying, but simply evolving. He showed the website for Capital News Service and the JRN 300 community pages and the video of the Spartans Sports Journalism Classic held earlier this year. 



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