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The Michigan State University Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies & Media has a long and distinguished history of training audio and sound specialists; offering both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a variety of digital media arts. MSU's college radio station, 88.9 The Impact, has held the title of college station of the year, declared by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Broadcast Music, Inc. for the last 10 years.

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Audio Recording Camp for High School Students

Learn the basic methods behind studio recording and sound design with industry experts and experienced faculty, while using the professional facilities at Michigan State University. Explore audio creation within a large recording studio environment, and how to re-create a digital audio workstation for recording at home. Students will learn about sound foundations; session recording through microphone use, placement and cable set-up; mixing; digital recording software (ProTools); and audio post-production including editing and effects. Students also gain experience working with and recording a professional band.

Studio sessions are project-driven with each student having an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practice during each step of the recording process. Students will work collaboratively together to mix the recording into a mastered piece for CD/DVD play and his or her own digital distribution. On the final day of camp, students will share their work in a showcase held for all Media Camp participants and their parents. Through this intense immersion program, students will leave camp gaining techniques in sound recording theory, aesthetics, and practical application. The Audio Recording Camp has a limited enrollment of 18 students.

This year, we are offering two weeks of high school programming for students interested in Audio Recording Camp. Week one introduces audio recording techniques and processes. Week two is an advanced section of Audio Recording where students further explore other areas and applications of sound engineering, and are encouraged to further record, process, and polish audio tracks.

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is required of students who enroll in week one only of high school Audio Recording Camp. Students must attend week one of Audio Recording Camp in order to enroll in week two of Advanced Audio Recording Camp, either by participating in two weeks of consecutive programming, or by having attended in a prior summer verified by the program administrator.

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