Besley to Receive 2013 Krieghbaum Under-40 Award

Posted on: June 5, 2013


The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) has announced that CAS's John C. Besley, Ph.D., associate professor and Ellis N. Brandt Chair in Public Relations, will be honored with the prestigious Krieghbaum Under-40 Award.

The AEJMC Krieghbaum Under-40 Award honors members under 40 who have shown outstanding achievement and effort in teaching, research and public service. The award, considered one of the highest from AEJMC, is named after the late Hillier Krieghbaum, former New York University Professor Emeritus and AEJMC president. Besley will be the first MSU faculty to be honored with this award.

CAS Advertising + PR Chair Jef Richards noted in his letter of support for Besley's nomination that,“We had the best carrot in the country to offer for a public relations professor, and we used it to hire him. That is about as definitive a statement as I could possibly make about what our faculty thought of John Besley. And I’ll follow that by saying that since he arrived, we’re even more convinced that we struck gold.”

Besley's research explores the relationships between media use, public engagement, and health and environmental-risk perceptions.

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