Benchmarking the Network Society: Regulation, Investment, and Innovation (Fall 2008)

benchmarking-networkDate: Fall 2008

Author: Johannes M. Bauer

The project will provide a framework and empirical tools for the assessment of regulatory policy and the development of improved forms of governance for next-generation networks and services.

A wealth of data on the status of information and communication technologies and their uses is available. Major projects of international data collection include the Digital Opportunities Index collected by the Digital Opportunities Partnership (including, among others, the International Telecommunication Union and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development); the Network Readiness Index by the World Economic Forum; the E-Readiness Index by The Economist Intelligence Unit; and the Broadband Portal by the OECD.

The purpose of this project is to provide a comprehensive approach to analyze this wealth of information more thoroughly than is presently done, with a particular emphasis on the effects of regulation on investment and innovation. The existing projects rank nations but do not mine the data in ways that could help decision-makers in policy and industry to improve a nation’s performance. The project will develop an analytical framework and empirical tools to assess regulatory policy and industry strategy and provide a framework and tools to evaluate the likely implications of future courses of action.

Contact: Johannes M. Bauer, bauerj (at), +1.517.432.8003.

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