Apocalypse Noel: Silver Shells (Fall 2011)

Date: Fall 2011

Authors: William Jeffery, David Cornelius, Joshua Horvath, Mike Prainitio, Chad Fleming, Joseph Daniel Yaske

In Apocalypse Noel you control Santa Claus after his sleigh is shot down by raiders in the North Pole. With the use of the Christmas Spirit (Browning M2 Machine Gun) as well as special cool-down abilities (reindeer charge, sleigh strike and a present mine), Santa Claus will stop at nothing to repair his sleigh and get his revenge. Our goal was to recreate the casual pick up and play appeal of top-down / twin stick shooters of the past (Smash TV, Total Carnage), and update them with special cool-down abilities and weapon upgrades from more modern games (League of Legends, Zombie Apocalypse).

Apocalypse Noel also features Network Play, which allows 2 players to connect to eachother and enjoy the game in co-operative mode.

Project URL: http://willjeffery.wordpress.com/games/apocalypse-noel-silver-shells/

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