Alumni supporting student Telecasters with scholarship

Posted on: March 1, 2011

When thinking of the word “telecaster,” one might simply think of someone who broadcasts news, but here at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, the MSU Telecasters Alumni Group is making news of their own with this year’s scholarship drive. 

MSU Telecasters gives undergraduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in working with state-of-the-art television equipment such as cameras, lighting and editing software. 

The MSU Telecasters Alumni Group was formed in 2008. Part of the group’s mission is to assist new graduates in networking and introduce them to professionals in a wide range of fields in the visual arts world.

President of the MSU Telecasters Alumni Group Pam Saunders (BA ’94 Journalism), explained, “Telecasters is a family comprised of students, alumni and faculty. Once you work on a show or project, you become part of that creative energy. The memories you build while exercising & expanding that creative energy in college stays with you in life and your career. Alumni want to make sure that current students are exposed to those same experiences outside of a regular classroom setting. Many alumni have also provided jobs and internships to students/other alums... so the networking aspect of this family energy is also key!” 

Last year, the group created the MSU Telecasters Scholarship that was first granted to Colin Marshall. When asked what initiated the idea for this scholarship, Saunders replied, “We want the students to understand that the hundreds of alumni who have come up through the Telecasters program support them. We hope that the scholarship helps them understand and feel part of the Telecasters Legacy of Excellence.”

The 2011 MSU Telecasters Scholarship Drive began in the fall, and they are accepting donations now through March 30, 2011. The goal for this year is to raise $2,000 so that they may award scholarships to multiple students. 

For more information on the MSU Telecasters Alumni Group, visit their webpage. To make a donation to the MSU Telecasters Scholarship, visit the giving page or contact the CAS Office of Advancement.

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