Sparty Wants YOU, to join MSUAA!

Sparty1When you become a member of MSUAA, you can direct $11 of your $45 annual dues to the College of Communication Arts & Sciences by selecting "Comm Arts & Sciences" as your college. This money supports a wide variety of alumni projects and activities including the Communicator (our college alumni magazine), Homecoming events and the Celebration Alumni Awards.

Join the MSU Alumni Association today!

Benefits to ComArtSci Alumni

  • Access to industry-specific networking, round table discussion groups, and job recruitment events around the country through the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.
  • Be the first to learn about new opportunities for continuing education, new research in your field and how it impacts your career.
  • Receive the Communicator, the College of Communication Arts and Sciences Magazine, quarterly ComArtSci¬†eNewsletters and the quarterly award-winning MSU Alumni Magazine.
  • Access to the MSU Alumni Online Directory to find addresses, email info and more for your classmates, friends and contacts.
  • Keep in touch with other ComArtSci¬†Alumni through networking events, college-specific social networking sites and alumni updates.
  • Utilize MSU Alumni Career Services for resume critique, posting resume for referral to employers, or for searching job listings in your prospective career field.
  • Get discounts on car rentals, hotels, shipping and moving companies, financial services, Detroit Metro airport parking, priority Wharton Center seating and discounts.

...and more reasons to become a member!

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