Alumna Leads IBM's Internet and Social Business Marketing

Posted on: October 28, 2013

Headshot_Emerick2Susan Emerick, 1987 advertising alumna, says, "Anything is possible! Pursue your passion and it will happen!" This is a motto she's lived by, which has helped her lead an incredibly fulfilling career.

Beginning on the agency side and then transitioning to the client side of her business, Emerick has had the opportunity to work in many different industries, including the financial sector, media and entertainment, publishing, consumer packaged goods, retail and distribution, and most recently, high tech. She currently works for IBM, where she leads global enterprise Internet and social business marketing strategy and programs.

"I've been a veteran of marketing on the Internet since the very beginning and the same for social media," Emerick says. "I enjoy all the possibilities that emerging technologies bring to bear in this new era of communications. I especially enjoy sharing my expertise with other professionals."

Because of that, Emerick has written a book, titled "The Most Powerful Brand on Earth," that recently was released. The book shows readers how to empower employees and partners to use social and digital media, understand the skills, business processes, governance, measurement, and infrastructure required, and provides examples from both large and small brands.

"Writing a business book is only for those who truly have a passion for sharing their knowledge and expertise," Emerick says. "It's been a wonderful experience and one that was driven by passion for the topic and my desire to help brand marketers learn from the leading-edge work I've been doing for IBM."

At IBM, Emerick consults with marketers about applying social and digital media to foster long-term, high-value relationships with clients, prospects, partners, colleagues and communities.

"I enjoy navigating the redefinition of marketing 'as we know it,'" Emerick says.

Additionally, in 2008, she co-founded a social insights practice at IBM to continuously apply social listening insights to marketing planning and social engagement strategies. IBM awarded this initiative the 2010 SAMMY (Social Advertising, Media and Marketing) for Best Socialized Business.

In 2011, she was added to the elite iMedia Top 25 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators, an annual list of cutting-edge creative professionals, strategists and technology innovators.

"My education at MSU/CAS laid the foundation for my career," Emerick says. "Especially, my involvement in the American Advertising Federation, which allowed me to understand what it takes to develop a campaign, present a value proposition and work with a team. We took our campaign to Chicago to compete in the national competition. It was a highlight of my experience as a student, which I'll never forget!"

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