AgShare Project: Improving Agricultural Education in Africa (Started Spring 2009)

agshare-featDate: Started Spring 2009

Funding: $1,000,000

Authors: Cliff Lampe and Chris Geith

TISM’s own Cliff Lampe, along with the director of MSU Global, Chris Geith, are involved in an exciting international collaboration to bring “open education” to African universities. These institutions have long struggled to find affordable ways to access the latest information in veterinary science and agriculture. Now, through this venture, that process will become much more simplified and cost-effective.

The AgShare Project will assist African universities with accessing and utilizing “open source” teaching materials – meaning the information itself would be free for use within the university setting. Vital information would be shared between universities and make use of the Creative Commons DiscoverEd search tool. This tool, created through MSU, allows users to search through CC licensed educational materials. Those materials often include metadata, which makes it easier to search for specific designations – such as finding material suitable for children vs. finding material for college students.

The focus for these resources will be masters programs in veterinary science. John Kaneene of MSU’s Center for Integrative Technology has also been instrumental in the creation of this project.

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AgShare is part of a larger project known as OER Africa, which provides open education materials.

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