Advocacy 2.0


Using social media. Perceiving social media. The future of social media.

The “Advocacy 2.0” project is a large survey analysis of individuals currently working with advocacy organizations in the United States and Canada. The project aims to assess uses and perceptions of social media technologies as tools that can help accomplish organizational goals. Civic engagement, public mobilization, education, fundraising, direct and grassroots lobbying, communication with government, with citizens and with other advocacy groups are just a few of the areas being assessed.

All organizations will have the opportunity to review the aggregated results from their organization and compare these results with those from other organizations. The list of groups being assessed is found below.

About Us
This project is a collaborative effort between Michigan State University’s Social Media Research Lab and the Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law, and has been approved by MSU’s Human Research Protection Program.

For more information, please contact the principal investigator:

Partner Organizations
We have partnered with 55 organizations so far. Our goal is to work with large organizations that represent a wide range of political and ideological interests. Some of the organizations that we have partnered with include:

NRA Consumers Union        NAACP         AARP       Common Cause         PETA             League of Women Voters         

 ACLU        Arab-American Institute     AFSCME 

AFTRA           Family Research Council              Greenpeace            Media Access Project

National Urban League        United Church of Christ          National Council of La Raza

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