Advertising Alumni Video Technology to be Used in CAS Course

Posted on: August 6, 2013

video-techThis fall, a College of Communication Arts & Sciences class will use video technology, created by a company founded by two advertising alumni, as part of a class assignment to come up with a marketing campaign.

Clicktivated Video, a company developed by cousins and CAS alumni Ben Hatala and Chris Roebuck, along with two other partners, make it possible for viewers to click any item they see in an online video and immediately be connected to information about the item or an opportunity to purchase the item online.

Advertising instructor David Regan will use this new technology in his Integrated Campaigns course (ADV 486) where students will work on semester-long marketing campaigns for specific companies and use the Clicktivated Video technology as part of those campaigns. This will allow students to experience firsthand the capabilities and impact the technology can have on a campaign.

About two years ago, Hatala and Roebuck realized the marketplace for video was expanding and technology that allowed a viewer to interact with the items or people in the videos was scarce. So they came up with the idea for Clicktivated Video.

“There were so many times I saw something online and wanted to buy it or know what it was and spent time trying to look up what it was with zero success since I didn’t even know where to start,” Hatala said. “(With Clicktivated Video) it’s a win-win for both sides, the viewer gets a fun and engaging experience and the content provider/producer gets to increase their revenue.”

The Clicktivated Video concept is a non-intrusive form of advertising that allows consumers to make purchases or learn more about an item without ever leaving the video.

“After looking and playing with their product, they have something valuable and useful,” Regan said. “There’s a few bars that people (businesses) need to hit to be a part of this course and the first is that it has to be a great product for students.”

In addition to the marketing campaigns, the students will help Hatala and Roebuck develop a marketing plan for Clicktivated Video.

“It’s important that Spartans come back, give back, pay back, and get back,” Regan said. “Our department likes the idea of Spartans being with Spartans again; the arrow keeps going around."

Both Hatala and Roebuck graduated with Advertising degrees from CAS, Hatala in 2010 and Roebuck in 2006, and both attribute the skills and relationships they gained at MSU to their success.

“I credit specifically the creative thinking and resilient attitude of what it means to be a ‘Spartan’ as two key contributing factors to our technology’s inception,” Roebuck said.

It was Regan’s capstone campaign course, ADV 486, that served as the foundation for Hatala’s own business knowledge. Reagan’s emphasis on “seeing the bigger picture” and “doing things out of the box” left a positive impact on Hatala and is what kept the two in contact since Hatala took his course in 2010.

Hatala looks forward to working with current CAS students and advises those who hope to pursue a new business venture to always stay positive and trust your instinct and remember that your passion is your best sales tool.


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