Advertising Alum Lands His 'Dream Job'

Posted on: November 26, 2013

Brandon DayA 2008 Advertising alumnus recently added the title "dream job" to his resume.

Brandon Day said he is living his dream as an account manager for Fairly Painless Advertising in Grand Rapids, Mich. He first discovered the company during a job shadow opportunity that led to a summer internship.

"I had the fortune of getting to know the people at Fairly Painless Advertising through a spring break job shadow program that the College of Communication Arts & Sciences put together during my junior year," Day said. "I was so interested in their work that I applied for their summer internship program and later spent three months working directly with their account director."

Day went on to graduate from MSU and held marketing roles at Health Motion Physical Therapy, Amway and Grand Rapids Label.

"All the while, I stayed in constant contact with Fairly Painless and even brought them in during my time at GR Label to design and build the company's website," Day said.

With dedication and persistence, he landed an account manager position with the company in July.

He now coordinates between the internal team of strategists and creative professionals and with clients to ensure that campaign tasks are being done on time and on budget.

"I have been enjoying my time working with people at Johnson Controls on several projects, one of which includes web design for their infotainment device appearing in the 2014 Mazda 3," Day said. "I'm also working with the Luminarts Cultural Foundation at the Union League Club of Chicago, which includes brand design and a new website to showcase their work in the Chicago art community."

Day credits his MSU education and connections he made within the College of Communication Arts & Sciences with helping him obtain his dream job.

"I had the great fortune of having advertising professors who were great mentors, helping me evolve my interest in advertising and marketing into a passion," he said. "I also largely credit the people I spent the majority of my final four months with in ADV 486, a class structured around the assemblance of an advertising agency tasked with designing a campaign for a real-world client. I was so inspired and proud of the work that we produced that it gave me a fantastic reaffirmation that account management was what I wanted to do."

The best advice Day said he could give current MSU students is to "be actively involved."

"I got the most out of my time at MSU during my final two years when I made an effort to be more involved in class discussions and got to know my classmates and professors, even when it meant stepping out of my comfort zone, and when I took advantage of university programs like job-shadowing, career counseling, and professional networking," Day said. "Likewise, my biggest regret was not taking advantage of programs like MSU AAF (MSU American Advertising Federation) or study abroad, not attending class study groups, or any time I tried to just blend in with the crowd."

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