Advertising Alum Founds Award-Winning Company

Posted on: December 23, 2013

Ryan-Golden-Moasis-CEOAdvertising alumnus Ryan Golden's lengthy background has well prepared him for his current entrepreneurship role at Moasis Global, a company he co-founded with his father and fellow Michigan State University alumnus Steven Golden.

The name, Moasis Global, stands for "Mobile Oasis." As marketing professionals, the company founders realized the way consumers interact with information has changed and they developed a hyper-local mobile advertising platform fusing location data and multi-screen delivery.

"With all the clutter and fragmentation in the mobile ecosystem, we wanted to provide a safe harbor for marketers of any size," Ryan Golden said.

Moasis, which is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., won the 2013 Local Search Association Gold Award for its mobile platform. In 2012, the company won the Mobile Trailblazers Award, a Technology Trailblazer Award for new, private mobile startup companies that are both privately funded or venture capital backed and offer innovative solutions to enterprises. It also was awarded patents in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Upon graduating with a B.A. in Advertising in 2000, Golden began his career at Solomon Friedman Advertising (now Real Integrated out of Bloomfield Hills, Mich.) before moving on to Tribal DDB Worldwide in Chicago. There he worked under CEO, Paul Gunning and the current managing director of Google's central region, Jim Lecinski. Golden created the first audit Internet initiative and first CRM national audit as a member of McDonald's team.

"I grew up in a household of entrepreneurs ranging from my grandfather to my father. It was always an advantage to have a soundboard and someone who has been in the trenches for advice and guidance," Golden said. "That does not mean there was nepotism. I have pitched my father thousands of ideas just to see a smile and hear no."

His entrepreneurial roots came through in 2002 when Golden started his own marketing consulting company, later being recruited to serve as the marketing director for Rockit Ranch Productions. He then co-founded Alife Group, an entertainment and marketing development company that partnered many of Chicago's leading establishments with national accounts such as Anheuser-Busch, E&J Gallo Wines and Diageo.

"Making a difference is the key motivator for me. If one of my ideas can impact another, then I am successful," Golden said.

Golden's entrepreneurial streak continued in Chicago, founding a hospitality branding, marketing and public relations firm in 2006.

"There is a culture at MSU that begins the moment you arrive and carries on way after you leave. It is about spirit, commitment and community," Golden said. "Specifically, the advertising program was hands-on and fostered new ways to think."

What Golden took from MSU inspired him to do something in return for the university. He teamed up with fellow alumnus Vanessa Moses in branding a benefit to promote eco-awareness named, 'Go Green. Be Green.' (GGBG), which took place in Chicago. Golden served as the co-chair/marketing lead for the event.

"It (GGBG) was such a success, now it is in autopilot and I believe rolling out to other states," Golden said.

Golden emphasizes that students should learn from their mistakes by discovering how to "fail forward." By doing so, personal growth can take place.

"Focus on innovation, don't become complacent by constantly learning lessons followed by taking test after test," Golden said. "Seek a test first in order to learn a lesson the hard way. This is where innovation lives."

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