ADV + PR Alumnus Performs at Common Ground

Posted on: July 16, 2013

A 2012 CAS grad took to the Common Ground stage last week, performing before hundreds of fans, as part of a band that got its start at Michigan State University.

Jason Spencer, an Advertising + PR graduate and lead guitarist for the band, Wilson, performed July 10 at the Common Ground Music Festival, an annual outdoor concert series in downtown Lansing, featuring national and regional music performers of many genres, including contemporary and classic rock, alternative, country, hip hop, R&B and more. It was Wilson's first time performing on the Common Ground stage.

Spencer and his friends started Wilson in a Cedar Village apartment and went on to win the 2009 MSU Battle of the Bands at the International Center. They later named the band on a whim when someone asked them to play a show and wanted to know the name of their band. They didn't have a name yet, but Spencer instantly remembered seeing his band's album hanging on a resident door in Wilson Hall, and inspiration hit.

"It's really just a rock and roll band on steroids," Spencer said. "Think of AC/DC, but fast forward to today's world with modern attitudes and different technology. It's aggressive, yes, but meaningful."

The hard rock band just released its new album on July 9. The album is the second release of the band's career and its first full-length record. The album reached #10 on the iTunes Metal Charts last week.

During Spencer's time at MSU, in addition to performing with Wilson, he won an ADDY award for an advertisement campaign he designed for InkAddict, a T-shirt printing studio. To this day, you can still find the ADDY entry framed in a hallway on the second floor of the studio, as well as the second floor of the CAS Building.

"MSU built this aura of working hard. Everywhere you went on campus there were students setting out to achieve success. Left and right, something positive was in the air. It's truly an amazing community," Spencer said. "Being around that really molded my drive to do anything I wanted, especially in music. Being a part of the Communication Arts and Sciences college at MSU was an incredible opportunity. I found my true self in those halls and in those classrooms."

Upcoming concert dates for Wilson include:

Other members of Wilson include Chad Nicefield, James Lascu, Kyle Landry and Matt Puhy. For more information on the band, check out the Wilson website.

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