A Homecoming Trifecta for CAS

Posted on: October 8, 2013

Dean Pam Whitten's BlogThe super stars have aligned on behalf of the College of Communication Arts & Sciences this year for MSU's Homecoming Week! With the theme of this year's parade being "Creating Spartan Super Heroes," the grand marshal is our very own DC Entertainment super star Geoff Johns.

Johns, a 1995 telecommunication graduate, will spend much of Thursday afternoon at CAS. Students, alumni and friends will have a chance to meet him later in the day at a Media Sandbox hosted event open to the public at 4 p.m., Thursday, in CAS Room 147. Those in attendance will learn how Johns zoomed to the top of the comic industry. Students have a chance to win autographed copies of his latest comic books. This is a must attend event for comic book fans of all ages.

Take a look at this year's homecoming court to see another reason why the college is so excited about homecoming this year. Four of the 10 members in the court are CAS students! Two Communication students, Janisse Patino-Martinez and Lexis Zeidan along with Journalism student Jessica Pedersen, and Media and Information student Elliot Zirulnik will serve as ambassadors for the many events throughout the week, including the parade, a reception with MSU President Simon, and of course, the big game. When the Spartans win over the Hoosiers on Saturday, this will be a perfect trifecta for CAS!

Speaking of "Trifecta," this years special focus at the CAS alumni board meeting on Friday, which is held every year on the day of the MSU Homecoming Parade, will be the Trifecta research collaboration. This tri-college initiative between CAS and the Colleges of Engineering and Nursing was launched late last year to advance the delivery of health services to underserved communities through the innovative use of communication technologies.

I am very appreciative of the great work that Maria Lapinski, our associate dean of research, has underway with the partners of the Trifecta. To date, a brilliant team of researchers, the Trifecta Intellectual Leaders (TIL), has come on board, a new Trifecta collaborative space has been created on the second floor of the CAS building, and a new doctoral-level course on collaborative research will be offered next semester. This Friday, the CAS Alumni Board will have a chance to learn firsthand about more exciting plans for the future from leadership of the three colleges and the research team.

Following the Alumni Board meeting, everyone will head over to Beggar's Banquet on Abbott Road for our annual CAS Homecoming Bash. I'm hoping that I will have a chance to catch up with many of our alumni, family and friends at this fun event.

Come dressed to watch the parade since Beggar's is one of the best places for viewing, munching and mingling along the parade route. The gathering starts at 6 p.m., but allow plenty of time for traffic since many streets are rerouted well before the parade begins.

While alumnus Geoff Johns will be leading the parade, make sure you rally around journalism alumnus Al Martin, WKAR Current SPORTS host; alumnae Susi Elkins, WKAR TV station manager and PBS Kids Super Why!-all in the parade as well.


For more information on CAS Homecoming events, visit cas.msu.edu/homecoming

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