A contribution that goes beyond the classroom

Posted on: March 1, 2011

Educator, advisor, researcher, administrator and mentor. These are just a few examples of the many roles that Michigan State University faculty, staff and retirees hold each day on and off campus. In these roles they are continuously giving back to the university and students in numerous ways, and some are choosing to add an additional role to the list: donor. 

The annual All University Campaign allows staff, faculty and retirees to further their already significant impact on MSU by making a financial donation. The 2011 All University Campaign highlights the many giving opportunities available at MSU and encourages members of the MSU family to make gifts that support their personal values and interests.

Contributors to this year’s All University Campaign are Dr. Kelly Morrison (MA ’94 Communication, Ph.D. ’96 Communication) and Dr. Steven McCornack, both associate professors in the Department of Communication at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Morrison and McCornack recently made a gift in support of graduate students in the Department of Communication. 

McCornack, who is also the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the college, explained how their donation came to be. “The bulk of the funds we donated derive from a project we are doing with the Michigan Fairness Forum, examining LGBT community climate issues and concerns throughout the state of Michigan.” Dr. Morrison is the lead investigator on the Michigan Fairness Forum project. 

“They didn't wish to fund us in the form of a University grant, but wanted to contract us directly as consultants. Nevertheless, we felt that - in these difficult economic times - it was important for these funds to go to MSU, straight into the graduate program of the Department of Communication, to help fund graduate assistantships. So we gifted these monies in their entirety,” said McCornack. 

When asked what impact they hoped their contribution would have on the college, McCornack replied, “We hope that these monies are put to good use in funding a doctoral candidate for the 2011-2012 academic year.”

We thank Dr. Kelly Morrison and Dr. Steven McCornack for their support and commitment to MSU. For those interested in participating in the All University Campaign, please contact the college’s Office of Advancement at (517) 432-6514.

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