2013 Super Bowl Student Ad Ratings Released

MSUperBowl CloudMSU students have officially weighed in on Super Bowl XLVII ads and the results are in! Rated on a five-point scale (1 representing the "least effective" ads and 5 representing the "most effective" ads), students considered a variety of factors when scoring, including brand strategy, execution, memorability and the ads "buzz-worthiness."

The top five 2013 Super Bowl ads according to students were:

  1. Taco Bell "Viva Young"
  2. Doritos "Goat for Sale"
  3. Audi "Prom (Worth It)"
  4. Tide "Miracle Stain"
  5. Oreo "Whisper Fight"

In addition to officially scoring the ads, students as well as alumni and faculty joined in on Sunday night to weigh in on the ads on Twitter, contributing their opinions, insight and even their sense of humor in over 600 tweets to #MSUperBowl.

This can be compared to the MSU advertising faculty ratings, which rated the following ads in the top five:

  1. Tide "Miracle Stain"
  2. Sketchers "The Chase"
  3. E-Trade "Save It"
  4. Coca-Cola "Mirage"
  5. Samsung "The Big Pitch"

In addition to revealing the ads that MSU students found most effective, the survey also revealed what the students' believed to be the least effective ads, which included a spot by Cars.com ("Alfie"), both spots from GoDaddy.com ("Perfect Match" and "YourBigIdea.com"), Kia's "HotBots" and Lincoln Motor Company's "Phoenix."

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