2013 Journalism Grad Creating Infographic a Day

Posted on: June 4, 2013

firth_mmjyaec0tn1sqogsno1_400Alyssa Firth, a 2013 Journalism grad, has recently launched a "design a day" blog, where she posts one original infographic every day. The blog, inspired by MSU faculty member Karl Gude, features infographics on a wide-variety of topics, including air travel, products made in Michigan, the Detroit Red Wings, The Great Gatsby and even Ryan Gosling.

"Depending on what it is, a graphic could take me anywhere from one to three hours," Firth said. "But I'm a fact-junkie, so creating infographics every day is fun for me."

Firth said her daily inspiration comes from world events and happenings, things she's doing each day or from researching topics she finds interesting.

Once she finds inspiration and begins designing, she mainly uses Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, all of which she learned just this year. In her last semester at MSU, Firth took JRN 336: Designing for Print and Online with Cheryl Pell and CAS 206: Graphics and Illustration with Karl Gude.

"They were so exciting," Firth said. "Illustrator came really easy to me once I learned what I could do with it and the creativity just started flowing, which I've never experienced before."

In those classes, she was able to design pieces for her professional portfolio and plans to use graphics from her blog for the same purpose.

"Ideally, I'm hoping the blog will bring connections and a job down the road, but it's more of a way to get my work out there and for me to practice," Firth said. "I know I'm behind compared to other design students since it took me a long time to figure out that this is what I want to do. So, the more I do this, the better I get. It's a great learning exercise."

Make sure you check out her blog and if you have an idea for the next infographic Alyssa should create, email her at alyssafirth@gmail.com.

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